Know your drivetrain: Your pedal movement rotates the crank arms, which turn the chain rings, which drive the chain, which rotates the rear sprockets and ultimately the rear wheel and propel you forward. You have three chain rings on the front and 7-9 gears on the rear sprockets (depending on whether your bike has a 21, 24 or 29 speed drivetrain). Different combinations of the front chain rings and the rear sprocket gears will make it either easier or harder to pedal, depending on terrain elevation and surface. The front and rear derailleurs do the job of shifting the chain to different gears. The chainRead More →

What started out as a leisurely main trail spin turned into a 3-hour mini-adventure. The ride was scheduled to start at 7:30, but waiting for a few first-time/oversleeping riders running late delayed the start about an hour or so. 12 riders, mostly beginners, started out on the main trail at Wadi Degla with the intent to make it to the end of the trail at the dry waterfalls (is there even such a thing as a dry waterfall?) area and back to the Maadi side entrance, a total of about 21km on a relatively level, mostly light sand and gravel trail. As usual with beginnerRead More →

Picture source Basic technique: Sandy trails can vary in the thickness, type and consistency of sand. On trails with thicker sections of loose sand, you should focus on controlling your front wheel and throwing more of your weight on your rear wheel. It is important to keep your front end light so that it doesn’t dig into sand and keep your rear firmly planted to maintain traction. Use a low gear and keep your pedal movement consistent and maintain your momentum. Limit handlebar steering (in deep sand you will easily loose traction at the slightest movement of the handlebar) and try to change directions usingRead More →

Thiis is a video made by some members of the Cairo Cyclists. The video shows a series of descents in Wadi Degla. The description provided by Dustin of Cairo Cyclists is : Hey Bikers, This collection of clips is hot off the presses. Faysal and I shot most of these on the South Side of Wadi Digla. There are a few notable “North Side” exceptions… namely, Paul’s “Brown Rat” ride near the end of the video. Watch ONLY if you really enjoy mountain biking. Enjoy, Dustin and Faysal Novices should pay particular attention to riding position on descents in the video.Read More →

Title: The Friday Degla Double Location: Wadi Degla Description: Easy-paced group ride on main trail, but 8km more than last week’s ride for a small taste of longer endurance rides. If we get a large enough group, we can split up into two groups by skill-level/speed..but again, this should be an easy ride. Please bring: – Your bikes 🙂 (forget this and you’ll be running) – Enough water (three half-liter bottles is usually good for the ride, stash more in your car) – Food (candy bars, power bars, left-overs from 7alawet el mouled :), anything to give you sustained energy) – Ride kit: Your helmet,Read More →

One of our new members, M.Zaree, has put together an extremely funny short comic of his near-death experience going on a steep downhill (off-trail!) on last Friday’s ride. If you don’t know Arabic, I have provided as good a translation as I could. Thankfully, Zaree came out of the ordeal with minor injuries, and lived to tell the story for incoming waves of mtb novices to learn from 🙂 “I started off on top of a steep hill, ready to hammer down to the main trail” “…then I started accelerating downhill at a blazingly fast speed” “…I was supposed to pump the brakes when IRead More →

Riders (left to right): A. Ali, A. El Haddad, Hani Morsi, M. Zaree, Laith, Ayman, Doaa, Ehab, M. Hanafi, Husam (not shown are Husam who was behind the camera, May and Karim who left early) Ride description: We rode the main trail for an easy 6km in and back. A short beginner skills workshop was held and everyone introduced to trail riding basics. Problems: None other than a semi-flat tire and loose handlebar on May’s bike, which were taken care of swiftly. “Someone” who shall not be herein named went off trail and demonstrated what not to do when you have weak brakes :)…thankfully, theRead More →

A good riding position is one that provides optimum balance and bike control. Get on the bike and start pedaling around. Your torso should be neither too outstretched to the front (as if you are reaching for something), nor too upright. There should be a slight bend in your elbows. Your grip on the handlebars should be strong enough for adequate control, but not too strong so as to fatigue your forearms. Keep your body relaxed and your knees and elbows loose. At the lowest point of the crank movement, your leg should only be slightly bent (adjust your saddle height accordingly, preferably to beRead More →

Title: Beginners ride Location: Wadi Degla Description: Meet at 8:00 at the Wadi entrance. Easy ride on the Wadi floor for 90 minutes. This ride that will introduce you to trail riding basics: – Mountain bike preparation – Riding position. – Correct use of gears. – How to Brake efficiently and safely – Climbing and Descending techniques You do not need to have any trail riding experience to attend. You will need to bring your own bike, helmet, water and some food. ——————————————————————– We will meet in front of the Wadi entrance at 8:00. We will go on an easy ride on the main trailRead More →

As a beginner, the main objectives for purchasing your riding accessories are 1) safety, 2) functionality and 3) budget. What looks cooler or more expensive might not necessarily work well for you. Here is the basic accessory kit that you should have: Helmet: It is sometimes argued that riding off-road is actually safer than on-road, as there are no cars to hit you! Nonetheless, the possibility of injury remains and increases as your riding style advances and terrain becomes more challenging. No one should ride a bike on or off road without a helmet. We like and recommended the Giro line of mountain bike helmets.Read More →