(Mis)adventures of a novice mountain biker

One of our new members, M.Zaree, has put together an extremely funny short comic of his near-death experience going on a steep downhill (off-trail!) on last Friday’s ride. If you don’t know Arabic, I have provided as good a translation as I could.

Thankfully, Zaree came out of the ordeal with minor injuries, and lived to tell the story for incoming waves of mtb novices to learn from 🙂

“I started off on top of a steep hill, ready to hammer down to the main trail”

“…then I started accelerating downhill at a blazingly fast speed”

“…I was supposed to pump the brakes when I hit the flat section…”

“…only problem is, I had no brakes to speak of…”

“…and the only physically possible outcome was catching air in a trajectory akin to a stalling airplane”

“…but since I had no parachute, the worst part was landing”

“…for which the result was…”