The 5-minute beginner primer

“I want to start mountain biking in Egypt, but I am clueless. What do I do?”

MTB Egypt has a few things that should get you pedaling off-road in no time:

  1. First thing you should do is check out our Frequently Asked Questions. This list of questions and answers will enlighten you on a few things that you might be wondering about.
  2. Join us for a group ride: Look at the events calendar and see when beginners’ rides are scheduled. Ride details are often posted in the calendar. Make sure you read our group ride guidelines first. Email us with any questions.
  3. Read the articles: We have a growing repository of articles that cover everything from mountain biking trails in Egypt to buying a bike.
  4. Join the forums: Our forums bring together mountain biking enthusiasts in Egypt. Feel free to post questions and share information.

The one-minute primer on riding in Wadi Degla:

  1. Here is how to get there and basic info on the trail.
  2. Start riding no later than 7:30 a.m.  in the summer  to escape the worst of the heat. You can get away with later ride start times in the fall/winter.
  3. This is a desert area, so even in pleasant weather always make sure that you are properly hydrated. Don’t go riding with less than 2 liters of water.