Box Canyon loop

Quick ride facts:

Ride skill level: intermediate/advanced
Ride type:
Ride length: approx 33 KM
Ride time:
Approx. 3+ hrs
Trailhead: Entrance to the Wadi Degla park. See our main Wadi Degla page for more information on how to get there.
GPS track: coming very soon

Description: From the Maadi side Wadi Degla entrance, go up the the short climb up the South wadi wall about 70 m past the gate on the right. Follow the short singletrack leading to the jeep trail, then follow the jeep trail itself which climbs steadily eastward for about 2200 meters until you get to a big semi-circular cliff with a view of the wadi floor. With the cliff to your left, keep heading eastward following the trail which will take you on a south-easterly path that goes through a smaller wadi ending with what looks like a dead-end but you should be looking for the short climb to your right (co-ordinates  29°56’51.43″N  31°22’20.46″E). Now follow the obvious, southbound single track which will get you to a narrow asphalt/dirt road (the only road in this area). Cross the road (at   29°55’14.93″N and  31°24’37.56″E) and continue riding until you get to another narrow east-west runnig wadi. Turn right and follow the wadi westwards until you arrive at Box Canyon. Follow the singletrack on the right (northern) canyon wall, where you will start the ride back at  29°53’30.06″N  31°22’39.68″E. Follow the tire tracks northbound which will take you back to the same road you crossed earlier (there is a military installation that you will see and “do not approach” signs in Arabic, just keep your distance), follow the road to the west for about 800 meters, then exit once you see the obvious trail (at  29°55’9.37″N  31°22’25.34″E). Maintain a northbound course along the trail, which will take you to a steep descent into a north-south running wadi. Descend with caution or walk it. Ride northbound to the crescent cliff you saw earlier and take the easy ride to the short descent towards the entrance.

Although wildlife sightings has decreased due to the relative increase of traffic in the wadi, it is not uncommon to see many species of animals for which the area is a habitat. I have seen Red fox on multiple occasions and many have spotted Nubian Ibex.