MTB Egypt rider profile: March 2009


Mohamed Abou Bakr Al Fakahany


Almost 20

Where are you from?

Born in Jeddah/KSA lived there for a while and currently living in Cairo

What do you do for a living?

Still a mechatronics student.

When and why did you start cycling?

I have started cycling last November. Actually I bought my bike to join a tour from Nuweiba to Dahab, although it was a tedious challenge and Nuweiba was full of cats during the day and mosquitoes during the night, but I really enjoyed the company.

Then I joined MTB Egypt last February and have been a mountain biking addict since then.

Road, off-road, or both?

both, touring/road biking is a very cool thing to do …. Off-road biking is much cooler.

Tell us about your bike(s)!:

It is a hardtail Peugeot FR 20 TS. Front disk breaks, rear v breaks. Shimano components.

Favorite ride(s) (road or off-road):

Off-Road (wadi degla):

The Wadi Degla Rollercoaster. I am yet to try the more advanced rides in Wadi Degla/ Wadi Hof yet.

Do you practice other sports?:

Well, I am a freediver and a spearfisher.

And in 2008 I started parachuting, and we got the first place in Egypt National Championship 2008 J

Tell us about your cycling-related injuries/accidents:


That was my first accident, fortunate enough it was caught on tape.

The second accident was almost at the same spot during the race (28th of February)

Three weeks later I had a puncture on the exact spot.

I think there is a witch buried under this spot. Or is it pure bad luck?

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?

Naaah …

See you in the wadi ;D