New forums at!

Greetings folks!

We have just installed a new software for our forums. If you were wondering why the old forums were dead, it’s because no one was able to post! Yes, it took me too long to fix it. Unfortunately, I had to purge the old database in the process, so you will need to register again (it only takes a couple minutes to do so)

To resgiter, just do the following:

1- Go to
2- Fill in your desired user name and password
3- You will NOT receive a confirmation email since I need to manually approve new sign-ups to prevent spam. Your account will not be instantly active, but will be activated within 24 hours, if not less.

The purpose of the forums is to discuss everything related to mountain biking in Egypt, including arranging for group rides and events, equipment reccomendations, etc. Yalla, go regsiter and start posting!