MTB Egypt's trail & ride difficulty rating system

The system is intended to give riders an accurate guide on the difficulty and skill level required for riding the various known trails listed on this website. For trails we use icon designations, for rides we use a dual rating system.

Trail difficulty rating icons:

General Trail Difficulty rating icons:

easy Easy/Beginner

intermediate Intermediate

advanced Advanced

expert Epic/Expert

Ability rating system:

While the above trail rating icons might give you a quick idea about the difficulty level of a given trail/route, we make use of a more detailed system of rating riding difficulty based on two criteria:

1) Physical fitness/endurance level (1-4)

A Basic fitness: Can ride flat or semi-flat terrain at moderate pace for 1-2 hours

B Intermediate fitness: Can ride elevated/hilly terrain at steady pace for 3+ hours. Able to ride more demanding terrain for shorter periods of time.

C Advanced fitness: Higher than average endurance level. Can ride technical/demanding terrain at faster pace for 3+ hours.

D Competition-level fitness: Excellent endurance and stamina. Can ride at demanding pace for 4+ hours.

2) Riding skill level (A-D)

1 No prior mountain biking experience but able to ride a bike comfortable. Can cycle on smooth/flat light sand/gravel trails

2 Can ride moderately technical terrain, such as short climbs and gentle descents. Has good bike control on loose terrain.

3 Good riding skills. Able to ride comfortably on any terrain, including long steep climbs and fast descents, rock gardens, etc.

4 Advanced riding skills: Expert bike handling and maneuvering skills. Able to comfortable ride very technical sections such as drop-offs, sharp switchbacks, very steep climbs and descents.

Example: A trail marked as B3 means that the ride requires an average fitness level (e.g. short ride, long elevation profile, etc) but an excellent skill level (lots of dangerous technical sections requiring superior bike control and confidence)

(Also see MTB Egypt group ride guidelines )