The Quarry ride

Trail difficulty: advanced This is an advanced trail

Ability rating: C3 (but can vary according to the many possible variations of the ride)

Trail head: The Wadi Degla Maadi gate

Ride length: 17-30 KM (2-3.5 hours)

GPS/Google Earth file: coming soon

Description: This ride starts off with the  short steep climb up the south shoulder from the wadi’s Maadi-side entrance, then a 2.5 KM steady climb on the south plateau’s jeep trail. Instead of staying on the jeep trail, make a right at the fork at  lat=29.9470895781, lon=31.3459050616. Keep riding to the southeast for about 350 meters until you get to a singletrack descent (at lat=29.9445055291, lon=31.3479039552). This is a fast, fun descent but watch out for the loose gravel/rock on which your tires could easily wash out.  A very short and steep descent at (At lat=29.943239328, lon=31.3448893734) puts you on an east-west running wadi and start riding east for about 360 meters and exit the wadi southbound at (at lat=29.9429330602, lon=31.3484151379). Continue riding south for approx 440 meters, until you get to a difficult climb (at lat=29.9393442154, lon=31.3490154256).

The real fun starts at  lat=29.9384672837, lon=31.35071652 , where the next 8 km are all cliff-side serpentine technical singletrack zigzagging westwards south of the limestone quarries. Great view of the quarries, the wadi and Cairo’s skyline. On a clear day you’ll be able to see the shiiolutette of Pyramids in the distance!

You’ll eventually get to an asphalt road ( lat=29.9366354936, lon=31.3240145445), ride on that road go offroad again at lat=29.9360692371, lon=31.3238320302 (the re-entry point should be well-marked). continuing south for about 180 M, then looping back on another zigzag ride (some of those switchbacks are tricky! watch out for the loose, rocky ground). It is best to maintain steady, controlled momentum along the slim cliffside trail.

You ride the singletrack again to the short steep ridge descent that puts you on the Corporate loop. From there, you have options: You can call it a day and head back to the gate via the jeep trail (at this point it;s about 9 or 10 KM), you can continue riding the short or full corporate loops (approx 17 & 29 km, respectively), or other advanced routes to the east.

I consider this one of the funnest rides in the Wadi. Lot’s of technical ridge terrain, knee-busting climbs and fast descents with a few jumps and low drop-offs.