Get your custom MTB Egypt jersey!



Avid cyclists know that any self-respecting cycling group should have its own custom cycling jersey 🙂

MTB Egypt is having a limited number of custom jerseys made. The jerseys are fully customized with our own design and logo, which you can see a mock-up above and are made from excellent moisture-wicking and light material.

We will only have 15 jerseys made. Final cost is not concrete yet since we have to account for shipping and customs, but should be around $45 (L.E. 250)

If you would like to reserve yours, please let me know your size and whether you prefer short or long sleeve. You can also post in the forum here or email us.

8 out of those 15 jerseys are already booked by MTB Egypt riders, so if you want one you will need to let me know fast. Those jerseys are going to be awesome!