Are you interested in mountain bike rental?

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This has been discussed before but nothing was done to provide any decent rentals yet. However, one of MTB Egypt’s regular riders, Aden, is trying to gauge the interest in mountain bike rentals. Here is what he posted in the forum:

I have noticed that there are a lot of would-be riders in the Cairo area, and even on MTB Egypt, who are held back from riding because they have no equipment and not enough money to invest in a decent bike.

I am considering buying an extra, medium frame XC bike that would be available as a rental bike. I could only do this if there is sufficient demand for it, because I would want to regain at least part of the price I paid. When I leave Egypt in a year I would sell the bike to someone local.

Does anyone have feedback on this idea? How much would people pay to rent a decent bike for a day or weekend? Do you think it would be rented often enough to keep me from losing a lot of money by buying a bike that no one ever uses?

So, let us know by participating in the poll above and posting in this forum thread. We know there is a lot of you out there who would love to join the great rides in Wadi Degla but do not own a bike (yet), but would still like to try things out before they invest in their own bike.