While sunglasses are generally not absolutely critical for someone to enjoy mountain biking, they are definitely one of the most important accessories you can invest in to add to enhance your riding comfort. In Egypt, we ride in open desert environments with no tree cover, and the direct sunlight, often windy weather in the winter month make a good pair of sport sunglasses essential to protect your eyes from the elements and UV rays. It might become particularly important for riders with sensitive eyes or those who wear contact lenses. A good deal of personal preference as far as style and fit factors in choosingRead More →

A very quick note on wheelsets: We have not done a post on mountain bike wheelsets before, but before we look at this quality wheelset by DT Swiss, you should know why you should pay attention to the quality of any bike wheel purchase you make, and how to make the choice. A mountain bike’s  wheelset is one of the most important – and often among the most expensive- components on the bike. The quality of the wheelset significantly affect your mountain bike’s weight, stiffness, handling and durability.  The configuration and build type of your wheelset determines what you can do with it (leisure ridingRead More →