In the interest of making it possible for more riders (especially those who do not drive) to get to the trails on weekends to participate in our group rides, we will be giving an MTB Egypt mug or t-shirt (see above photo) to every rider who shares his/her car with a fellow rider for the Friday morning group rides. A few rules, though: 1. You must get there on time: be at the Wadi Entrance a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. 2. At least one of the riders must be joining the MTB Egypt group ride on that morning. 3, We will give out oneRead More →

The Shimano AM-51 is the latest in a line of mountain biking shoes with the “AM” label, denoting the shoes’ intended use for “all-mountain” riders, providing a balance of sole stiffness, additional protection and all-day comfort. The Am51 was preceded by the AM50 and Am30 shoes, on which it improves by using a new design and an improved sole. I have a little over 120KM on my pair of AM51’s and it would be reasonable to review them now. The short verdict: I love them! But let’s get into more details.Read More →