The best tires for riding on Egyptian trails

We get this question a lot: what are the tires best suited for riding in Egypt? The general short answer is that tires designed for dry, loose conditions work best, but there is lot of tires on the market fitting this description and it could be difficult to choose. Here are the top 5 tires we found to work best on Egyptian trails.

WTB Motoraptor

This tire has a long-wearing compound that lasts a long time, which is great for the abrasive limestone trails of a place like Wadi Degla. We’ve had the same tire on two bikes for a year of riding and there is plenty of life left in it. Has a good volume and a round, baloonish profile that floats well over rocky and sandy trails (we have the 2.4 version) and strong sidewalls. One weakness is that it doesn’t bite too well when cornering fast in loose gravel or sand.

Continental Mountain King

The Mountain King offers a good balance between good traction and low rolling-resistance. Works best  when run with lower pressures. The knobs are a bit soft, but the 2011 version have a redesigned tread pattern and more aggressive knobs.

Schwalbe Wicked Will 2.35 FR

More aggressive riders will like this monster of a tire. Large volume tire with a soild, squared out profile. Very good puncture resistance, great traction and rolls relatively well. At 890 grams this is not a light tire, though. If you don’t mind the extra weight and want a tire that can take some serious abuse, the Wicked Will FR would be the way to go. On the super steep goat trails of Sinai this tire offered excellent traction and stability (I ran it on the rear). The Schwalbe Wicked Will is one of the more expensive tires on the market.

WTB Velociraptor (rear)

The WTB Velociraptors come in front and rear specific tread patterns. We have had experience with the rear, which offers a great mix of traction (one of the best on technical and loose climbs), low rolling resistance and weight. The wide, off-center middle treads work like tank tracks, hooking up very well in loose conditions despite the smaller volume of the tire. Big side knobs provide good cornering grip. Not the most puncture-resistant tire, though, so you might want to run a higher pressure or choose smoother lines. The Velociraptor is one of the cheaper tires and offers good value for money.

Kenda Nevegal

Great all-conditions tire and very popular worldwide. Large knobs and very durable. Works best when run on the front. Higher-than-average rolling resistance, so if you want something that rolls faster, checkout Kenda’s Small Block 8 tire.