MTB Egypt rider of the month: April 2013

Name: Dave Haik

Age: 39 Where are you from?: New Orleans, Louisiana USA originally.

What do you do for a living? Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

When and why did you start cycling? I started at age 7. It’s about the closest thing to flying that you can do under your own power. What kid doesn’t like the feeling of speed & distance?

Tell us a bit about your bike(s)!: Over the years, I’ve had “big box store” BMX’s, roadies, & MTB’s. Now I have a 2013 GT Aggressor 1.0 hardtail, stock accessories except for the Weirwolf 2.3 tires.

Favorite ride(s)/trails? Extended Corporate Loop, Wadi Hof, Tour de Wadi.

Do you practice other sports?: Fishing, weightlifting, swimming.

Tell us about your cycling-related injuries/accidents: As a teenager on my road bike, one of the brake levers fell off & went into the front wheel spokes, immediately stopping the bike. I went otb in the blink of an eye onto the concrete, scraping up my hands & breaking my new Swatch. Another time, I was riding full speed on my road bike & went mouth first into the back of a car, rearranging my front teeth. The worst was when I was 12 years old on my BMX. I hit a dip hidden by high grass. The bike stopped & my knee hit the bars, splitting it open to the fascia.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself? I’ve lived in Cairo for 6 years…good times, good times…it’s been a blast! I am married with three children. It’s been great riding with the MTB Egypt gang. I stumbled onto MTB Egypt on the internet & was hooked after my first group ride. I really enjoy the people, the laughs, & the wide variety of terrain in the Wadi Degla. I’m in the best shape of my life since MTB Egypt introduced me to serious mountain biking. Rule number 5, Baby!