Open Category registration

للاشتراك في سباق الفئة المفتوحة تملى إستمارة التسجيل بالاسفل ويجب التسجيل أيضاً في الاتحاد المصري للدراجات كمتسابق حر. مصاريف الاشتراك في سباق الفئة المفتوحة هي 265 جنيه/15 دولار و مصاريف التسجيل في الاتحاد المصري للدراجات هي 100 جنيه سنوياً (وتسمح لك الاشتراك كمتسابق حر في أي سباقات أخرى ينظمها الاتحاد) أو 30 جنيه لهذا السباق فقط (هذا يشمل المتسابقين المصريين أو غير المصريين و يسمح بالتسجيل يوم السباق)
لو إنت لاعب دراجات مسجل بأحد النوادي المصرية وتحب تشترك في المنافسة في فئة تحت 23 أو elite، تواصل مع الاتحاد المصري مباشرة.

The Open Category of the 2018 African Continental Championships is an amateur racing category with a separate ranking. The Open Category race will take place on April 21 2018It will take place on the same race loop and Open category competitors will race for three timed laps.

Race entry fee is USD 15 or approximately EGP 265. Registration deadline is April 14th. The Egyptian Cycling Federation also requires all Open Category competitors to register as Independent Racers. Federation registration fees are EGP 100 for one year (allowing you to participate in any other federation-sanctioned race) or EGP30 for a one-time race entry, in addition to the event entry fee outlined above.

There are no fees for spectators except paying the Wadi Degla protectorate entrance ticket at the gate.

Participants in the Men and Women elite and U23 categories of the 2018 African Continental Championships should NOT use this form, but will be registered directly via their home countries’ cycling federations.

The open category is for everyone else interested in mountain bike racing in Egypt, regardless of nationality or age. To register, you need to fill out the form below and complete the race entry payment, USD 15. We are using PayPal for payment processing but you do not need to have a PayPal account, you can choose “Checkout as a guest” and use any valid credit card. (P.S. entry cost is stated in US Dollars due to the fact that PayPal does only includes a limited selection of currencies that does not include the Egyptian pound.).

The registration process for the open category is NOT complete until you have successfully completed payment.

I further agree:
1. I will advise the event organisers if I have a specific medical condition that may affect my safety or the safety of others.
2. That my name, results, photographs, video, audio recordings, multimedia or film likeness can be used for any legitimate
purpose by MTB Egypt.
3. That I will adhere to the competition Code of Conduct published by MTB Egypt.