Marwa Moez


Turning 25 on June

Where are you from?:

Egypt-Philippines.. I’m half-half! :)

What do you do for a living?

I inflict pain on people.. Just kidding! I’m a dentist..

When and why did you start cycling?

I used to bike around a lot when I was kid.. but it was back in 2008 when I first started MTB.. it’s a common sport in the Philippines and I kept hearing a lot about it from my friends.. so I gave it a try and MTB had me at hello! =D

Road, off-road, or both?

Both, but I’d always choose off-road over road!

Tell us about your bike(s)!:

So far I’ve only rode hardtails. My bike in the Philippines was a GT, and now I’m riding an Orbea (with poor rigid suspensions).. Can’t wait to upgrade!

Favorite ride(s) (road or off-road):

Off road! the trails in Baguio City, Philippines and of course now, Wadi Degla! I love the rollercoaster and that descent at the end of the full corporate loop! =D

Do you practice other sports?:

Basketball! I joined my school’s team in junior year and continued playing it through high school and college.

Tell us about your cycling-related injuries/accidents:

Just the regular hematomas & bruises.. Thank God! :)

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?

I Love Dogs! So when I get old & wrinkly, you’d probably still see me at Wadi Degla, but I’d be rollin’ with my dogs! Hopefully not on a wheelchair! LOL

mtbegypt On March - 2 - 2012


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