MTB Egypt’s Alpine riding trip, Summer 2011, part I

About a year ago, team MTB Egypt sat down and discussed riding plans for summer 2011. A few ideas were considered: Colorado, USA, Spain and the Alps were shortlisted. It was not until May 2011 that we decided we were going to the Alps for our first MTB Egypt riding trip abroad!

So, on June 25th 2011, we found ourselves on a plane heading to Geneva, Switzerland, where Darren of Mountain Bike Breaks was going to pick us up and take us to Chatel, France.

About to board the flight in Cairo. Left to right that's me (Hani Morsi), Sheif Taymour and Samer Behnam. Mohamed Kandil is behind the camera.

Waiting impatiently at the luggage carousel in Geneva, hoping the all the bikes arrive in one piece!

I was the designated slave for the way out of Geneva airport, check out how many bike boxes I am pushing.

We haven't even seen any mountains yet, but we're already too excited!

At the Chalet in Chatel, we wasted no time unpacking and putting together our bikes.

All bikes survived the flight in cardboard boxes, thankfully. (But not all survived the riding in the Alps, more on that in Part II)

Sherif's new ride was already waiting for him in Chatel...

Bikes ready for tomorrow, we finally took the time to enjoy the amazing view from our Chalet. Then again, anywhere you look in the Alps is an amazing view 🙂

This is my room. very nice and super cozy, but I can't count how many times I have banged my head on the "ceiling". Made me contemplate putting my helmet on at all times 🙂

Team MTB Egypt, ready to rock! (we were still missing Neal Afifi, who would join us two days later)

Part II coming soon!