The MTB Egypt 2019 Endurance Challenge

– What is the 2019 MTB Egypt Endurance Challenge Series?

It is a series of four long-distance mountain bike endurance rides in Wadi Degla protectorate trails (one orientation ride + three long rides). The goal is to encourage MTB Egypt community members to set training goals and become fitter, stronger riders this year. This is also intended to encourage young Egyptian riders in particular (although any riders experienced enough are encouraged and welcome to participate).

All rides are entirely self-supported. There are no aid stations. Participation is entirely at your own risk. Now that we have scared you enough, read for details 

– How long are the rides? And when are they scheduled?

* First ride: 25KM (Saturday, 12 January) MANDATORY ORIENTATION RIDE and does not count for final ride time total.
* Second ride: 50km (Saturday, 2 February)Target time 5:00 hours
* Third ride: 75km (Saturday, 2 March) Target Time 7 hours 30 minutes
* Fourth ride: 100km (Saturday, 23 March) Target Time 10:00 hours

– Is it a race?

Yes and No. These rides will be based on laps and they’re supposed to challenge your riding endurance, not speed. Each lap starts and ends at the Wadi Degla protectorate gate.

The goal is to successfully FINISH each ride.

– Who can participate?

Any intermediate/advanced level riders can participate.

– What are the rules?

* To “win” the challenge, you must finish all four rides successfully.
* You must log your rides on Strava and tag the rides using the “Race” tag on Strava, which will be used to verify the results. No other ride logging apps will be accepted. If you don’t tag your ride using the “Race” tag, it does not calculate elapsed time and your ride will not be counted.
* You must finish all rides on the designated dates.
* You must do the rides on the designated route.
* The Wadi Degla protectorate gate is considered as a lap reset point. You can store food and supplies there (in your car or with a friend) if you wish and replenish after every lap.
* Riding in teams and groups is permitted (but on timed rides, only individual times will count).
* Participation is entirely at your own risk. No support or aid stations of any kind will be provided, and MTB Egypt is not responsible for any injuries or damage to your bikes or equipment.
* e-bikes are not allowed except with permission from MTB Egypt (you must have a good excuse to use one) and results for e-bikes will not be included in final ranking.

– What is the route?

The first ride will also count as a route orientation ride for participants and will be guided by an experienced MTB Egypt ride leader.

– Can I use a GPS device for navigation?
Yes, you definitely can. A GPX file will be sent to participants after registration.

– Will there be prizes?
Anyone who registers and finish ALL FOUR RIDES SUCCESSFULLY will receive a printable finishers certificate, name in ranked list on our website and bragging rights of course.

Egyptian riders under 25 years of age who successfully finish ALL FOUR RIDES will be ranked according to the total times for the 50, 75 and 100km rides and the top 3 will receive prizes (either some nice bike parts, or official MTB Egypt riding jersey worth L.E. 900).

Are there entry fees?
Registration is free. But if you register and do not show up for at least two rides, you will be banned from participating in next year’s race.