Wadi Hof

Trail difficulty: advanced This is an advanced trail

Ability rating: C3

Trail head: The Wadi Degla Maadi gate

Ride length: 30-40+ KM (3-5 hours)

GPS Log File: Click Here and then click “Download”

Google Earth file: Click Here and then click “Download”

Description: Further south from Wadi Degla, there is another trail network known as Wadi Hof. The Wadi Hof trails are generally more advanced and technical than those of Wadi Degla, and require an above-average level of of endurance, bike control, navigation skills and readiness (make sure to have 3-4 liters of water). Advanced riders will be rewarded with challenging climbs, fast descents and amazing desert secenery.

There are many trail combinations for a Wadi Hof ride, the popular one is that posted in the KML file downloadable above.


1: Start at the main entrance to Wadi Degla in Zahraa El Maadi

2. Continue along the Corporate Loop

3. When you reach this point, start a climb heading right instead of continuing straight to the half pipe

4. Until this point, it is a flat ride on the bottom of a small Wadi (valley) with some good scenery. At point #4, the Wadi will end and you will have to make a steep climb to the top (carrying your bikes on your back)

5. Continue until the asphalt road and cross it very quickly. Try to stay away from the sight of any vehicles if you spot them.

6. It is very important to follow this exact path on your GPS or you will end up on the top of the wrong mountain! The correct path should lead you to a lower elevation.

6-7. Between these two points is a very easy ride with good scenery

7. The easy ride is over and now you start to climb uphill.

8. This point is what the whole ride is about. This is Wadi Hoff. You will find yourself at 240m elevation looking down a huge canyon. It’s a breath taking view. You can take nice photos here.

8-9. This part is lots of fun. Single track on the ridge of Wadi Hof. There are some tricky parts with a drop of 200m !!! So be careful.

9. A very steep descent following a goat trail. It’s very tricky if you try to ride it because it is very loose. Very easy to walk down though.

9-10. This extra section that looks like an “ear” is optional. It just takes you around that mountain and back to where you descended in point 9. You are now at ground leve

10-11. This is a very boring Jeep trail… but wait, something interesting is coming ahead:

11: This is Box Canyon. Another very steep canyon with a nice single track on the ridge.

11-12. Another very boring segment that will take you to point #12, which is the where you connect back with the Full Corporate Loop

12 – 1:  This is the second half of the full corporate loop