intermediate skills course

What is the intermediate skills course?

This course is designed for riders who are already competent in fundamental riding skills and are ready to take their mountain biking to the next level.

The course focuses on skills that enable riders to ride more challenging trails, ride more efficiently by optimizing gear shifts and braking and learn new handling skills, including:

  • Drop-offs and step-downs
  • Technical climbing 
  • Advanced braking techniques
  • Slow speed balance (trackstands) for trail riding
  •  Line choice and “committing” to your line
  •  Using weight shifts to gain speed when coasting (“pumping the trail”)
  •  Group ride leadership prep
  • Riding switchbacks
  • Clearing obstacles with confidence (pedal ratcheting, front wheel positioning, etc)
  • …and much more!

A prerequisite for the Intermediate Skills course is completing our Intensive Beginners Course.

how is the course structured?

  • Two on-trail applied skills guided sessions

When is the next course?

  • Friday, October 30th @ 7am
  • Friday, November 6th 2020

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