Description: Wadi Degla (“wadi” is Arabic for “valley”) lies in the northern part of the Eastern Desert and runs east to west for 30km to drain into the Nile Valley at Maadi, south of the Governorate of Cairo. The area, which encompasses 60 km², was declared a Natural Protectorate in 1999. The Wadi provides an excellent trail network for all skill levels. Directions: General directions (from the Wadi Degla official brochure): Drive out to the Zahraa el Maadi district to the Water Pumping Station. Then turn right and drive parallel to the USAID building until you turn left at the sign indicating the west gate.Read More →

Want to know what is called what on a mountain bike? here is a general anatomy of a mountain bike! Click for larger resolution image.Read More →

Although buying a bicycle should be a fairly easy decision considering the relative simplicity of the basic design, you are going to want to invest in a quality bicycle with a good frame and decent components. You will find a huge number of articles on the Internet that cover this subject very well. What this guide is going to add is information on buying a good bicycle in Egypt, considering the dearth of bike shops that carry good brands and there general lack of information on the subject. Assumptions made when writing this guide are that you 1) are a beginner, 2) have a limitedRead More →

Most people’s general idea of fun is is not about riding a bike in the dirt, but many would be surprised to find out how much fun such an act entails. It is of course not entirely about “riding a bike in the dirt”, mountain biking involves a lot more than that. Riding a bike off-road takes you places that offer nice scenery, clean air, and an opportunity to meet like-minded people. The sport also offers a spectrum of approaches depending on the lifestyle of the rider, from leisurely weekend rides that are meant to vent out the stress of the daily life, to moreRead More →

MTB Egypt is an online resource for mountain biking enthusiasts in Egypt. Here, you will find trail guides, equipment recommendations and reviews, maintenance tips and much more. welcomes and will thrive on user contribution, so if you have the time to write a guide, post a GPS track file, share some maintenance tips or recommend some equipment stores, send ‘em in! First things first: Go register so that you can post in our forum, to be notified of MTB Egypt’s group rides, and to get listed in our member directory (you can choose not to get listed if you want).Read More →