Quick ride facts: Ride skill level: intermediate/advanced Ride type: loop Ride length: approx 33 KM Ride time: Approx. 3+ hrs Trailhead: Entrance to the Wadi Degla park. See our main Wadi Degla page for more information on how to get there. GPS track: coming very soon Description: From the Maadi side Wadi Degla entrance, go up the the short climb up the South wadi wall about 70 m past the gate on the right. Follow the short singletrack leading to the jeep trail, then follow the jeep trail itself which climbs steadily eastward for about 2200 meters until you get to a big semi-circular cliffRead More →

“I want to start mountain biking in Egypt, but I am clueless. What do I do?” MTB Egypt has a few things that should get you pedaling off-road in no time: First thing you should do is check out our Frequently Asked Questions. This list of questions and answers will enlighten you on a few things that you might be wondering about. Join us for a group ride: Look at the events calendar and see when beginners’ rides are scheduled. Ride details are often posted in the calendar. Make sure you read our group ride guidelines first. Email us with any questions. Read the articles:Read More →

In the interest of having more organized, and thus more enjoyable, group rides, the following is a set of policies (or rather guidelines) that should be considered by anyone joining a group ride organized by MTB Egypt. 1) Ride difficulty/skill level: There is a diverse background of riders with a very wide spectrum of skill level, experience and equipment. A group ride where the participating riders are on more or less the same skill level is more enjoyable becuase all riders are more comfortable being within a collective (or average) skill level of the group, and thus they know what to expect in terms ofRead More →