MTB Egypt rider profile: January 2010


Name: Mohamed Kandil

Age: 25

Where are you from?:
Obour City-Cairo

What do you do for a living? : Marketing Manger

When and why did you start cycling? : I’ve been cycling for as long as I can remember.

Road, off-road, or both? It was not until recently that I started off-road cycling and it’s really fun but before it was mainly road biking.

Tell us about your bike(s)!: Renault Eclaireur , all aluminum with Shimano Acera , It’s a good entry-level  bike that one can start mountain biking with.

Favorite ride(s) (road or off-road): In 2008 I made a bike tour for 4 days in Switzerland and it was like a dream, I love mountain biking in Wadi Degla. Anyway I love biking anywhere as long as the air is clean and the scenery is nice.

Do you practice other sports?: swimming , running, I’m thinking about taking Triathlon seriously

Tell us about your cycling-related injuries/accidents: Once I had a head-on collision with another bike, the funny thing is that I could see the other bike coming meters away , but every time I took one side of the road the girl on the other bike took the same side ,  so we kept swinging like this until we eventually crashed .
But mountain biking-wise I’ve been cautious till now.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself? I love astronomy , night sky watching and I build model airplanes.