Private coaching

Private coaching focuses on progressively more challenging skills development sessions as well as guided rides, developing then pushing the boundaries of your skills and fitness and focusing on continuous improvement.

We offer two options for private skills coaching:

1- On a per session basis (90-minute sessions). In which case we can pick a suitable date whenever you want to do a session. This type of rides/coaching sessions will be charged at EGP 450 per person per session.

2- On a coaching package basis: in which case we develop a 4-session coaching program that diversifies the type of skills and riding we do together in a number of weekly sessions done sequentially (dates are flexible). This coaching package will be charged at a reduced rate of EGP 1600 per person for the complete coaching package.

Bike rental for private coaching sessions, if required, will be charged at a reduced rate of EGP 250/session.

Private coaching sessions are limited to only two riders per session.

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