As with any outdoor activity, as a mountain biker you should be aware of the impact of your riding on both the surrounding environment and other users of the trail. A few key points to keep in mind are: Stay on the trail: Irresponsible riding and riding off-trail damages erodes the soil and damages the flora and fauna habitat and micro ecosystems that are formed and depend on this soil for survival.  For example, in the Wadi Degla area the fragile top soil that took thousands (maybe millions? I am not a geologist) of years to develop is very easily damaged by uninformed and irresponsibleRead More →

Why do you “need” a GPS for mountain biking? You don’t really need a GPS to enjoy mountain biking, but it is definately one of the best accessories you could invest in and which will potentially enable you to make the most out of your rides. With a GPS, you will be able to better navigate trail networks, ride trails shared by other GPS-equipped mountain bikers (and also share your own), and increase your confidence in riding unfamiliar trails and going on longer,  “exploration” rides. You can always follow distance- or landmark-based directions provided by guide books, online information or other riders (distance-based descriptions ofRead More →