MTB Egypt 2013 Rider of the Year awards: Results!


Voting has now ended on the first annual MTB Egypt Rider of the Year Awards. Here are 2013’s results:

MTB Egypt’s 2013 Rider of the Year is: Hassan Choucri

Hassan takes 2013’s RoTY award for unrelenting dedication to riding, (his Strava stats do the talking here). Not only has Hassan’s riding progressed rapidly, he also frequently ferries along car-less fellow riders to and from the trails, organizes bike wrenching sessions, and is anĀ all around great riding buddy.

MTB Egypt’s 2013 Rookie of the Year award goes to: Yasmine Adel

Yasmine is one of MTB Egypt’s newest riders, but also one of the community’s most dedicated members. Yasmine started riding in summer 2013 and has progressed very quickly. Yasmine is one of MTB Egypt’s growing contingent of awesome female riders, who are an inspiration for more Egyptian women and girls to get into the sport.

MTB Egypt’s 2013 Community Award goes to: Warren Tappe

Warren is not only a keen rider, but also a dedicated trail builder. Cultivating an ethos of ‘build (or maintain) what you ride’ is very important in thriving mountain biking communities, and Warren has been doing just that with not only dedicating a huge part of his riding time to building and maintaining trails, but by organizing regular trail building days which we hope to do more of this year.